Fishing Frenzy Deluxe

Make a sound! Make a noise! Sing a song! Dance along! Challenge your friends to hours of fun and download Say Something! our latest title making sonorous waves on iTunes!


Come find out why millions of users have been savoring the fishy fun of Fishing Frenzy and get this brand new, Deluxe version of the game!!!

If you liked Fishing Frenzy you’re going to LOVE Fishing Frenzy Deluxe! Be WARNED though. This is not a simple update. You’re going to be dazzled by new swashbuckling enemies and brand new regions and fish as well as cool power-ups and a new touch-control system.

The Deluxe version features:

5 brand new regions, oodles of levels:
– Sunken Ship
– Southside Cove
– Coral Reef
– Homeside Lake
– Championship

Brand new challenges:
– The ravenous Dogfish
– The Thuggish Seagull
– The Devilish Whale
– Crackling Thunderstorms
– Nighttime environments
– Competitive play

Rare fish species:
– Red Flame
– Goliath
– Elbus
– Flo
– Polly
– Dino

– Time – Adds bonus time to each level
– Bulb – Produces a glow underwater
– Magnet – Attracts fish
– 2x – Doubles points scored
– Umbrella – Keeps you safe from aerial attacks
– Anchor – Hits hard and heavy

Facebook Achievements
– Championship Trophy
– Sunken Ship Ribbon
– Southside Cove Ribbon
– Coral Reef Ribbon
– Homeside Lake Ribbon

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