Fishdom 2 HD

Fishdom 2 HD is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Fishdom 2 HD iPad Review

Fishdom 2 HD is a bright, colorful Match-3 game that lets you create chains of explosive matches against a soothing aquarium backdrop. But so was the first Fishdom. Fishdom 2 makes almost no gameplay improvements to the last game, so even though we enjoyed it, we can’t recommend it as highly as its predecessor.

If all you’re looking for is more of the same, then Fishdom 2 HD will probably suffice. The Match-3 action is very fast, allowing you to make multiple matches across the board, then watch your tiles cascade downward with slot machine-like clinks. For every round where you successfully clear the board of gold and silver-colored tiles, you’ll earn a bit more money that can be used to customize your aquariums.

Under the sea.

Fishdom 2’s only real change is in the aquarium themes. There’s a barnyard theme, an Egyptian theme, and a mermaid theme, with one generic bonus tank available to unlock after you’ve reached gold status in the first three. Gold status is unlocked just by playing through multiple Match-3 games, and it doesn’t matter what kind of decorations you stuff into your tank, as long as you spread your purchases evenly across three categories.

We feel that Fishdom 2 is a missed opportunity for Playrix to expand upon the original game. They could have added new gameplay modes, like a puzzle or competitive blitz mode. They could also have added more depth or strategy to the aquarium simulation part of the game– for example, maybe certain types of fish could be managed with special types of food or plants. Even the slightest hint of a story would have been more of an encouragement to keep playing.

Find the fish.

If you liked the original Fishdom as much as we did, give Fishdom 2 a try. It’s a free download to start, with the rest of the game available as a $5 purchase if you want to keep playing. But don’t expect anything more than a colorful, compulsive time-waster. It’s certainly not the evolution we were expecting.