Fish vs Birds

3 game modes, fun and challenging, x3!!!

Classic Game:slice to kill the birds and tap to control your fish. birds may drop good/evil items. you will lose if all of you fish die.

NoFish Mode: 90 seconds. birds can be trapped by bubbles. some bubbles contain thunder which will kill all the birds on screen.

NoFish Mode: 90 seconds. fish can generate candies. collect them to gain additional scores. but be careful. you don’t want to touch bombs or poison.

Snail of Fortune
Snail of Wrath
Snail of Greed
Snail of Life

Lightnings: Kill’emAll
Bombs: Don’t touch me
Coins:buy items and snails from the shop.
Stimpacks: Make your fish sweet
Bubbles, Poison, Medicine, and much more!!!

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