Fish City

Over-Turned Boat houses, Surfing schools, Coral Shopping Malls, Pirates, Octopus and Sea Horses!!!! Welcome to Fish City– an Underwater City where you can create a vibrant city using various sea-themed and beach-themed constructions, as well as decors. Decorate the city with your great imagination to gain experience. Unlock more buildings and underwater businesses as you level-up. There are lots of corals, decors, treasures to choose from.

★ Relaxing Music
★ Realistic animation and behavior of fishes.
★ Interact with fish by knocking on the front “glass”
★ Sea-themed Houses, Shops, Communities, Factories
, Sports arena, City and Road Decorations 

★ Expand city to earn more coins and experience.
★ Make the inhabitants happy
★ Take photos of your city
★ Complete fun goals to collect bonus bucks, coins and experience