Fish and Fruit

☺☺☺ Wow, an INTERESTING and ATTRACTIVE but extremely SIMPLE for children of all ages ☺☺☺
☺☺☺ GET IT for your own and play RIGHT NOW! And find out who is the quickest and the most clever player to bring plenty of beautiful fish and fresh fruits ☺☺☺
Join the game, kids can choose to catch fish along the sea or collect fruits in the forest. When fishing, they will use different types of fishing rods to catch as much fish as possible. The number of lovely fish will bring them to different point levels. The higher level kids can reach the more modern their rods will be upgraded to catch faster and more efficiently.
If they want to change the games to avoid boring, they can go back to the home page and select the part “go to the jungle and pick fruits”. In this part, he will transform into funny and cute animals to arrange the fruit into the right places. The more fruits are arranged in right place, the more points they will gain to continue to pick other fruits.
However, that’s the beginning. Fish and Fruit, kids will experience …

♥ Lovely, attractive images
♥ Various types of fish and fruit help kids learn to distinguish the different types of fish and fruit
♥ Select a favorite character to be the representative image in the game
♥ Each game has 60 different levels with increasing difficulty rate
♥ Funny and exciting sounds
♥ Feedback and sharing function are designed right on the Home screen
Will kids be able to overcome all the challenges of Fish And Fruit??? Can they gain the most modern fishing rod and with all the animals in the forest to collect fruits??? Quickly download this game application to try with Fish And Fruit ^ ^!
Thank you for choosing us as a companion for your kids!
***** IMPORTANT ***
Please send us feedback rather than give us a poor rating if there is a missing feature or improvement you want to recommend. It’s good today, but it will get much better soon.

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