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Fireworks Fun is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Fireworks Fun

The fourth of July may have passed, but it’s never the wrong time to light the fuse and detonate a colorful pyrotechnic display. Fireworks Fun has fireworks, for sure, but does it also bring the fun?

Well, it’s an extremely basic kind of fun. You start with fifty seconds on the clock, and have to prepare your fingers for the flurry of fireworks that shoot up from the bottom of the screen. They start slow, but after about thirty seconds you’ve got your choice of about a few dozen explosives to pop.

That show was totally worth losing a thumb.

Obviously you’ll want to burst the American flag fireworks first, because they put more time on the clock (USA! USA!). Then you can focus on the shiny stars (which are worth 500 points), tap out a few bottle rockets (100 points a shot), and avoid the bombs and fiendishly similar-to-American-flag-looking bad rockets (which will temporarily blind you and take away 300 points).

Online leaderboards are the only feature that make Fireworks Fun actually fun, and we can’t imagine buying this game without them. An optional “tap-a-show” lets you play with the game’s meager burst animations, and you can draw out your own obscene fireworks displays to disturb your friends. That’s fun for about two minutes, but the rest of the game could last you maybe half an hour, tops, depending on your eagerness to achieve a global high score.

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