Fireworks Creator Ultimate

The ultimate in fireworks design has arrived on iphone, ipod touch and ipad. You can now create fireworks and effects of stunning beauty through a silky smooth interface. And building magical displays for them has never been easier, or more precise.

With Fireworks Creator Ultimate, your imagination is the limit. Because with over ninety parameters for customizing every firework, your creation doesn’t end at picking a color. In fact, it’s barely begun. At your fingertips is by far the most advanced and customizable fireworks making app on the marketplace.

Whether you’re a fireworks fanatic or simply enjoy a beautiful new art style, fireworks creator has something for you. Your fireworks can be hyper-realistic, with color-changing flares, blinking trails and lifelike physics. Or you can let your imagination stray beyond the realm of fantasy, with eruptions of shining birds, umbrellas raining down from the sky, or spiralling rockets leaving trails of spinning music notes.

The possibilities don’t end with the virtually infinite number of fireworks you can make. Once you begin designing shows you’ll discover the true depth of personalization available. Begin slowly and rise to a crescendo. Create a stream of flares to flow across your screen. Warp gravity and have your rockets fly in from the side before disappearing into a supernova in the center.

All this is achieved with almost no effort. Every change you make is shown instantly. You can design a firework or a display from scratch in under a minute. And there’s no limit to the number you can make.

Plus, if you have a retina device, prepare to be blown away as this app is rendered at the full resolution of your display, with detail created down to every single pixel to produce breathtakingly stunning fireworks.

Note: there’s currently an issue with text appearing blurry on non-retina iphones and ipod touches. A fix is coming very soon.

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