The objective of this game is to put out all fires and rescue people and their pets from a burning building.

Aim water at a fire to put it out. To rescue an occupant of the building, move the ladder to a window and pull the victim down the ladder. Only one victim can go on the ladder at a time.

If a ladder catches on fire, it will be destroyed. You will be given 3 ladders. The game is over when there are no ladder lefts.

The game advances to the next level if all fires are put out and all occupants in the current level are saved. Otherwise, you’ll have to replay the current level.

A fire that you thought you had put out, might rekindle. If a fire is left unattended for some time, it will spread to a neighboring unit.
In the initial levels of the game, the fire only originates from one unit in the building and spreads more slowly. A fire will not escalate to the next floor until it has spread across the current floor. In the higher levels, multiple units will be on fire, and the fires will spread more rapidly and may spread upward or sideways. You’ll also need to rescue more occupants.

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