FireFighters Fighting Fire 2 – The 911 Emergency Fireman and police free game

You were not able to extinguish the fire in the burning hotel fast enough, now it has spread to every building around, the whole block is on fire.

You are tired but you know you can’t leave people in danger. You take a deep breath and get right back on the jobs with your unit.

Fire as already damage most of the buildings, but you can still save peoples that are trapped in the building and fight what is left of fire. Save men, women, children and even cats and dogs, you can save entire families and become a hero.

Even if you are tired it will be worth it, after saving enough lives, you know the other members or your unit will replace you to let you have a bit of rest. You will all do your part to save everyone in those buildings and fight this fire, you’ll stop it from spreading further, help is coming, your on the first line of defines so until they come, you’ll do your best.

The firefighter will follow your instructions, tap the left side of the screen to tell him to jump, tap the right side of the screen to throw water to extinguish anything that as caught on fire.

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