Fire Tiger

Dodge fire, save tigers, and get to the checkered finish. Fire Tiger is a puzzle/arcade game that takes good timing, and educational approaches to master. The difficulty will increase throughout the levels.

★★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★★

✔ Different Colored Blocks (Can help you, or ruin you)
✔ Different Colored Fire that takes crazy routes
✔ Joystick and Touchable Controls
✔ Retina display
✔ 23 Levels
✔ Listen to your music while playing
✔ Levels save so that you can come back at anytime
✔ Instructions menu that explains the controls, fire, ect.
✔ And Much More…

★★★★★★ Planned Updates ★★★★★★

✔ More Levels (Coming in Next Update)
✔ More Blue Blocks for different routes
✔ More Colored Fire
✔ Improvement of touchable controls

Fire Tiger is a Fun, and a fast paced game. Happy Fire Tiger XD

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