Fire The Cannon! Lite

- Life-Like Physics And Explosions With A Cartoon Graphics Style
– Simple, Challenging, and Loads of Fun!


Fire The Cannon! Lite is a physics based artillery game that pits the “Barefoot Pirates” against hordes of barricaded undead in a battle to recover their stolen treasure AND their shoes!

Use the cannon to destroy undead strongholds, blast open treasure chests, and wipe the undead off the face of the map!

Key Features of The Lite Version:

– 20 Levels of explosive fun (The Full Version Contains 40 Levels)
– Physics based artillery puzzles
– Pirates, Undead, Treasure and Explosions!
– Variable wind between levels for increased challenge
– High Scores and Stats
– 5 Star rating system
– Perfect star system for increased replay value (Completing a level five times with a five star rating awards a perfect star for that level)

Recommended: iPod Touch (4th Gen or later), iPhone 4 (or later), iPad (Any)

Fire The Cannon! T-Shirts are now available – Visit the developer website at for details.

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