Fire Stars HD – Glowing Space Puzzles

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To celebrate the ongoing success of our game Pengi, we give you Fire Stars for only a dollar for a limited time!!!!

Enter the breathtaking world of the Fire Stars!

Consisting of:
✦ Groundbreaking puzzle game
✦ Amazing HD Graphics
✦ 32 levels, ranging from easy to hard
✦ Over 25,000 stunning puzzles!
✦ 2 Modes of play
✦ Awe-inspiring graphics!

Other features:
✦ Leaderboards
✦ Hints, if ever stuck on a puzzle, see the next correct move
✦ Statistics
✦ In-game tutorial
✦ No two puzzles are ever the same!

These aren’t just any regular stars, they are on FIRE!
Fling these balls of fire in any direction, but make sure that each one ends up on the spot that matches its color. You must complete each puzzle in the amount of moves indicated.

This game is incredibly easy to learn, but will keep you entertained for hours!

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