Fire Jutsu

Calling all Naruto fans!!! This app simulates different kinds of fire jutsu (katon jutsu) from the ever popular anime series. This version contains five different kinds of fire jutsu.
If you have ever wanted to be like Sasuke, any of the Uchia clan members or the other Shinobi who effortless use fire jutsu, then now is your chance. Currently contains:

1. Amaterasu (Shinning Heaven)
2. Katon – Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fireball Jutsu)
3. Katon – Hosenka no Jutsu (Art of the Phoenix Flower)
4. Katon – Karyuu Endan (Fire Dragon Flame Bullet)
5. Katon – Zokoku (Intelligent Hardwork)

As always we appreciate your suggestions. Help us make this app more fun for you. Get this app now before the price goes up!!

The App is an unofficial version for fans by fans and is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creators of Naruto. This application complies with the US Copyright law guidelines of “fair use”. All drawings, characters, their names, places, and other parts of the Naruto series mentioned or implied in this application are trademarked by their respective owners. This application does not include screenshots or sounds from the Naruto game, TV series or movies. If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation, please contact us to discuss.

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