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Fionna Fights - Adventure Time is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Fionna Fights – Adventure Time Review

Adventure Time, c’mon grab your phones. Jake the Dog and Finn the Human have starred in a few iOS games already, so they’re taking some time off to make bacon pancakes. Instead, their gender-swapped counterparts, Fionna and Cake, have command of Fionna Fights. Fionna Fights is a simple action game that provides a decent distraction, but given its shallow gameplay and chaotic visuals, you may decide to pack up your sword and adventure elsewhere after a time.

Fionna’s fight begins en route to a party hosted by Lumpy Space Prince. It turns out the skies are full of hostile life, and Fionna needs to enlist the help of her cat, Cake, and Marshall Lee the Vampire King to clear a path.


Fionna Fights is essentially an endless runner, though there’s no running to be had. Instead, Fionna bounces from enemy to enemy, slaying each one in the process. When you tap on a bad guy, Fionna zips there instantly and whacks them; if you miss, or if you tap on the enemies out of order, you lose a chunk of your constantly-diminishing energy bar. When your energy runs out, your game is over and your score is tallied up. Then you can do it all over again, if you want.

Fionna earns coins for each enemy she kills, which can go into purchasing better swords that rip through enemies with ease. She can also buy power-ups that make short work of the baddies, including the ability to summon the Vampire King himself.

When you first play Fionna Fights, chances are you’re going to tap furiously at everything that moves on-screen. However, balancing your time supply and Fionna’s movements is the key to a successful run. After she defeats an enemy, Fionna has a second or two before gravity takes its course, and that’s your opportunity to scan the battlefield and determine your next target.


That said, things tend to get crowded and chaotic on Fionna Fights’ battlefield. Enemies are clumped close together which makes it very easy to miss them, no matter how careful you are. Fionna’s quick movements are also hard on the eyes, especially if you’re playing on an iPhone or an iPod Touch instead of an iPad.

Then there’s the game’s sub-par longevity. Learning to control Fionna and watching your score climb is fun for a time, but you’ll probably have your fill after a few rounds.

Even though you spend the majority of the game zipping through the air, Fionna Fights isn’t much of an adventure. Hopefully Fionna will have more fun at Lumpy Space Prince’s party—if she ever gets there.