FingerWorks Lite: Amazing

You won’t understand until you download it!

LOSE YOURSELF in a fireworks spectacular created by you.

Words cannot describe this app, it’s a visual feast that will have you ‘ooh’ing and ‘ahh’ing. It will amaze you, relax you and keep you mesmerized for hours.

The more fingers you use the more effects you can create:
1 – Rocket,
2 – Sparkle,
3 – Power Fingers,
4 – Energy flow,
5 – Atomic
with even more effects available on iPad!!!!

– BOTH iPhone and iPad support
– Multi-touch (up to 5 touch points on iPhones)
– Multi-touch (up to 9 touch points on iPads)
– Thousands of particles animated at 60 frames per second
– Changing/manual colors
– Play/pause the animation
– Save snapshots to your Photo Library
– Soundtrack (includes 3 tracks)
– Multiple animation options (e.g.: speed, tail, size, opacity, etc.)
– Ability to save your own settings!

Enjoy many hours of amazing fireworks spectaculars; forging patterns of neon light, colorful sparks and glowing particle light creations.

Works on iOS 4.3+, iPhone and iPad!

AMAZING on iPad and iPad Mini!

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