Finger vs Block

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Planet Blah Blah is left with devastation everywhere after a star battle.
The planet faces a huge task of national postwar reconstruction.
Dr. Terry decides to invent a nice looking, solid and batch producible material for the coming reconstruction. He names it living brick.
As the Doctor’s assistant, you will be helping him on the project as well as citizen recover their homeland.
Finger vs Block seemingly simple but endless variations, addictive.
★Nearly 200 small levels
☆ Original HIT mode, new gameplay
★ New operation settings, make the game more fluid
☆ Well-designed items would bring infinite elimination pleasure
★ Same target, different scores, look forward to your challenge
The game includes 2 modes: Adventure and HIT.
★★★★★Adventure mode is similar to classic Tetris, but with more items. You can enjoy the sensational elimination in this mode.
★★★★★Here’s how you play HIT mode: You can make 4 bricks go away before every block falls down in limited time.
Use your intelligence to eliminate more layers. Do it like what you do in Tetris and that’s all.

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