Finger Sports 100M

Finger Sports
Can your finger be a world record holder?

Literally, this is a series of games to play Sports events by the finger.
The first event is a 100-meter dash.

Its simple and easy to play. First gently place your index and middle
fingers on the panel…. and then make a dash!
You know how to move your fingers, just make it to the goal.
Train your fingers to Sports level and aim to become the world champion!

Run! You may be the fastest in the world!

This application is released by “APPARE JAPAN.”
“APPARE JAPAN” is the first label in Japan exclusively for iphone
applications, produced by two companies, “Solid Alliance” (unique equipment
maker), and “Pro Mobile” (mobile professional team).

We continue to develop interesting iphone applications( =APPARE Application

・APPARE JAPAN Official Web Site
・Solid Alliance Web Site
・Pro Mobile Web Site

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