Finger Balance

Rating: 4+

Finger Balance is a game from Coconut Island Games Limited, originally released 5th August, 2010


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Finger Balance Review

Finger Balance is a game that is really only possible on a touchscreen like the iPhone’s. The idea is manipulate both ends of a horizontal pole with your fingers in order to guide a ball up the level. In the process, the ball can’t hit a wall. It’s fun while it lasts, which is to say you’ll be playing the game for about 45 minutes before you’ve completed it.

Finger Balance contains 30 levels. Each group has one easy, normal, and hard level that share a common theme, such as moving platforms or curved walls. If at any time you get stuck on a level, you can move on to the following one. Level design is generally pretty good, even if some can be slightly frustrating.

Fair and balanced.

The lack of content is Finger Balance’s biggest shortcoming. If it had more content, this game would have been much more enjoyable. As it stands, once you complete a level there isn’t any reason to give it another go.

The developers tried to remedy the lack of replay value with goal times, but some of these levels seem impossible to finish in mere seconds. Even online leaderboards don’t make replaying levels worth your time.

Finger Balance has a lot of potential, but it needs some content updates to offer more bang for your buck. Until then, you’ll probably want to spend your money on an app with longer appeal.