Find The Path

Join the Race for World Champion !

Find The Path is the new addiction game where user will select their musketeer and will find the correct path to make them feed. This version is based on Jungle where the user can select a jungle musketeer and chose the right path to make it fill its stomach with food. Each time a user creates highest score, all the low scorers will be notified for it.

Help your musketeer to reach their food as they are dying out of hunger.

Features :
-Amazing themes with well supported sound tracks
-Consists of 10 most distinctive laps.
-Each Lap is made of 10 different levels.
-Each level has its own hurdles to overcome to reach the next level.
-Bonus time to increase your lifeline.
-Full on addiction with tribal music.
-Choose your favorite musketeer.
- Social Network Integration
- Push Notification.
- User friendly
- Eye appealing user interface
- Full on entertainment with IQ

Find the Path is a new addiction game specially designed for all ages. It has been developed in a manner that even an oldie will roll back to its childhood. This game is available on iPad and iPad Mini.

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