Find My Name!

Will you recognize the celebrity in the picture?
This free game is simple and fun and it is recommended to play with friends and ask for help on Facebook!

The celebrity can be an actor like Will Smith, a singer like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber or Rihanna but also a sportman like Lebron James or Cristiano Ronaldo or a politician like Barack Obama or Nicolas Sarkozy.

Ready for the challenge? It is not always easy to remember the name of a celebrity or even the spelling of its name but this is exactly the challenge!

If necessary you can always buy options such as clues to help you find the celebrity or you can display letters as hints.

Anyways there will always be a friend on Facebook who has the answer, that’s the fun!

Do not hesitate, test your knowledge of stars of music, film, sports, politics.

Good game to you.

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