Find Differences Elite Cars & Bikes

Do you have the photo hunt mania ?
Photohunters, get ready for a new exciting challenge !
In Find Differences Elite – Cars and Bikes Edition, you have to spot 5 differences from some spectacular and stunning cars and motorbikes pictures, from the old generations until now.
Ready to improve your observation skills ?
Find Differences Elite will delight you with many hours of entertaining and addictive gameplay.
This special edition has been specially designed for ipad, so lucky ipad owners get amazing high resolution pictures.


2 cars or bikes photos are displayed on the screen and seem identical, but there are 5 small diffences between them.
Your goal is to find the differences before the time runs out.
When you find it, just tap either the top or bottom picture on the area you think you spot the difference.
The difference will then be highlighted.

If you click at a wrong place, some part of the time will be removed.
At the end of each level, if you can find the 5 differences before the time ends, you will be rewarded by some bonus points, depending on the remaining time available.
Be quick and sharp and try to set a new highscore !

If you can’t find the differences, some hints are here to help you.
But you must use them wisely as they are limited.

Are you an elite photo hunter ? Let’s find out in Find Difference Elite !

* This version is specially designed for ipad
* Stunning high resolution cars and motorbikes pictures
* Challenging and addictive gameplay
* Excellent soundtrack
* No ads

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