Find an animal: free educational game for kids – have fun and learn languages

Let your kid play and learn the sounds and names of animals in native and foreign languages!
Made by parents for parents: 30 funny pictures, real sounds and clear pronunciation and, yes, 9 languages in one app!

Are you tired of big ad banners which are pressed by your kid accidentally? There are none!

Switch the language on the fly:
☆ English
☆ Chinese
☆ French
☆ German
☆ Italian
☆ Japanese
☆ Portuguese
☆ Spanish
☆ Russian

Let’s summarize:

☆ It’s FREE
☆ No big ad banners
☆ Lovely music (thanks to
☆ Words and real pronunciation in 9 languages
☆ Real animal sounds
☆ 30 colorful and funny pictures
☆ Your kid will love this app and will learn with it!

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