Tap a coin that “The numbers on its surface” added up to 10.
That is [FIND 10].
What you need is reflexes and dexterity .
See how many [10]s you can find in 1 minute!

*** About [FIND 10] ***

*Playable for everybody who can do addition.
-Find a coin that “The added 3 numbers on its surface become 10″.

*You got 1 minute to go.
-Quick calculation skill is the key to successful result.

*Super simple game.
-Single touch game play.

*The blackboard designed screen brings back old days memories.
-This app insists on retro things.

*3 game modes are available with different sizes.
-2×2(4 coins), 3×3(9 coins) and 4×4(16 coins).

*Game Center supported.
-Log in Game Center and you can compete with others.

*Retina Display supported.
-Brilliant graphic is enjoyable with Retina Display.

Presented by PONOS

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