Final Freeway Coin

Experience arcade racing over many diverse levels of fast-paced driving fun.
Fast fun arcade-style racing. Beat the clock and speed through each goal to proceed to the next stage. Boasting a diverse range of exciting levels.

The popular “Final Freeway” titles have reached #1 on racing game charts for major mobile platforms.


– Impressive sense of speed
– 8 exciting and diverse levels
– 3 original sound tracks
– Game Center support
– iPod music support
– iPad and Retina display support
– 6 control types
– Very responsive and fun accelerometer steering
– 3 play modes
– 3 difficulty settings

REVIEWS (based on the paid edition)

– Touch Arcade — “The bottom line is that Final Freeway is fun, plays extremely well, looks great, and will scratch that OutRun itch whenever you need it to”
– TiPb — “this is a must have app for any classic racing fan; no regrets”
– AppAdvice — “This game is spot-on at capturing the excitement that Outrun and Cruisin’ USA have given gamers for years.”





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