Delayed flight? Trapped in an elevator? Time to play FILINKO®! The premise of FILINKO® is easy—get 4 or more pieces in a row. But beating the Artificial Intelligence is not so easy, and the AI will have you scratching your head until you turn down the difficulty. Once you’ve mastered your skills against the computer, challenge your friends on your
device and show them you’re smarter — just like you keep telling them.

•Easy to learn and fun to play but harder to master than chainsaw juggling.
•Play against the computer or a friend.
•Choose from more than 10 levels of AI difficulty to match your skill level.
•Save your game and load it later to pick up where you left off.
•Listen to the FILINKO® soundtrack or play music from your iTunes library.

Future Features:
• Multi-player competition via WiFi or Bluetooth.
•Integration with the Apple Game Center for unlimited opponents.

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