Fight! RPS – Rock Paper Scissors with Friends

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The most creative and interactive Rock Paper Scissors game ever! Brand new way to play, all kinds of unique hands with bling-bling accessories, use the amazing magic cubes to raise your winning percentage, and more, you can win cash prize!

▲Join the RPS contest for free
A chance to get $20 cash prize

▲Play with friends on iPhone and iPod touch
Challenge your friends on Facebook & Game Center, or shake your iPhone to be automatically matched with new game opponents.

▲Magic Cube
User Magic Cubes, you can have more chances to beat your opponents.

▲Bet with your friends or family
Customize “bet amount” and earn coins faster.

▲Free cool hands
All kinds of cool hands for free, show your unique character.

▲Easy to play
Popular game with pretty well-known rules all over the world.

▲Free Gift every day
Loin the game every day, you can get free Magic Cubes and coins.

▲Round-based gameplay
A “best two out of three” match.

▲Game Center
Game center leaderboard integrated.

▲Push Notifications
Be alerted when someone invites you to join in the game.

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