Fight Control

Fight Control is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Fight Control

The hyper addictive game Flight Control has spawned a series of imitators. In addition to being a flight controller, you can take a turn being a harbor master or glob love doctor. That’s all fine and good, but what about all of us little kids who wanted to grow up to be a bum fight promoter? Thankfully developer syncRage has answered our prayers with the tongue-in-cheek path-drawing game Fight Control.

Like Fight Control’s brethren, the game releases a number of totally incompetent characters that stumble around the screen looking for guidance. In this case it is thugs looking for a fight. Fortunately there are lighted areas that you can use to pair up two combatants and let them have at it until one or both of them are beaten out of existence in a flurry of dust and profanities. Doing so removes them from the game.

Feeling scrappy.

However, there are two ways for this little violence carnival to be shut down. The first way is to let a bum run into one of the cops that patrol the levels. Secondly, a bum who sits two long without an opponent will wander off. Apparently these street-fighting titans of intellect bore easily and can’t be bothered to wait around for you to match them up. Anyways, keeping each bum out of trouble long enough to find an opponent quickly becomes a difficult task as more and more of them spill onto the streets.

Fight Control has a nice presentation. Each of the three levels has a slightly different dark and gritty look to it. The sounds provide good (if repetitive) feedback and the game uses ScoreLoop to be able to share high scores with your friends. The developer seems to have a lot of potential and we are curious to see what they can do with a wholly original game.

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

With a name like Fight Control you might expect a hacked-together ripoff with no redeeming value. We were surprised to find that Fight Control was actually a well-made ripoff with at least some redeeming value. It is not very innovative, but the three levels should keep you entertained just long enough to fulfill your exploitative desires to help man beat the crap out of his fellow man.