Feud Helper EN

This is a great tool to help you with all your games of Scrabble™, WordFeud and other language games.

Insert your letters, hit enter and get a list of all possible words. Feud Helper is a very simple and light application, which makes it perfect for running on the background. This way you can play word games your phone and swap to Feud Helper to see the best possible words you can make.

You can insert a maximum of 8 letters. It is also possible to fill in blank tiles and letters that are already on the board. The words can be sorted alphabetically or on word length.

The dictionary of Feud Helper is updated constantly, so you can always use this application for all your language games.

Feud Helper EN is designed to help you with games like WordFeud, Scrabble™, WordSmith, Words with Friends, Word Game, DroidWords, WordWise and Word Mix.

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