Welcome to the world of “Feed me worms”! Now throw yourself into the Super Naive Nature of survival of the fittest.

Only an easily click, you can feed yourself and make you more strong. Now come to win your opponents in your army. But when you meet the opponents, please remember to let the hands go and stop feeding. When you have enough power, you are the King of the Birds! This game is cute and humorous;

the painting style is unique and funny. You can easily learn how to play it and enjoy the funny.

With the unlocking of the barriers, you can multi- touch the screen and control different roles. And more than one player can play this game with one equipment. So please invite your friends to play together to score a victory now!  

★You will get 5 shield props freely if you successfully passed the first hurdle. Happiness is the first! 

★You will love this game more and more with those world class and cute little roles, as well as the funny face animation design. You will love it so much that you cannot bear to put it down.

★100 levels which are carefully designed. You will find constant surprises and super exciting experience! 

★Support many people manipulate multiple roles in the same device. It is more joyful when we play together! Accost weapon! 

★Well-designed multiple scenes for the game. You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery when play it.

Please pay attention to our Sina microblogging: http://weibo.com/ninestarspace. You can learn the latest news about this game. You can also discuss with our Development Team or other players. Also you can learn about more new games which will bring you more happiness by our Development Team.

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