Feed Fruit To The Animal free

Feed Fruit To Animal by saving it from ninja by your deference strategy
Feed Fruit To The Animal And Have a Fun with physics based puzzle game or physics based strategy game
The animals may have trouble from deadly ninja, lion and leopard so do not touch our poor animal to the ninja, lion and leopard by making way to avoid them
you can remove any block ( wood ) in this game you can even drag and drop some objects of course with your finger when you release your finger from object that object will affect by gravity or physics and drop down you can use this for giving animal some force or may be to avoid ninja as well
currently available objects are baseball bat , car wheel and basket ball
our poor animal loves fruit so try to collect as much fruit as possible more fruit you get more fun with the animal and more challenge for you so always try to take all three fruit 
currently available fruit are apple , strawberry , orange , tomato and banana how ever all this fruit will come randomly in each stage

make sure too save all the animals from ninja
currently available animals : – lion , monkey ,hippo ,peacock , zebra , elephant , monkeys , pig , rhino , leopard , penguin , cow
more animals coming soon in more levels.
features :-
20 levels or physics based puzzle in increasing difficulty more coming soon
realistic or real time physics
hd graphics
runs at full speed
realistic jungle music
easy to play but very hard to solve all levels :)
blast mode and rope mode is coming soon for more enjoyment
standard physics based puzzle game or strategy game
three type of block :-
static block will not affect by gravity ( dark color wood box )
dynamic block will affect by gravity ( light color wood box )
can not removable block ( may be any one :) )
lots of more coming soon like bomb blast , chains , anti gravity …
please rate this game if you like it that will really help me a lot.

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