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Bob is an alien recently arrived on planet Earth where he has discovered a strong connection with pizza. However, since the pizza parlor is across the street and he, unfortunately, has no arms, your job is to trace a “pizza chute” with your finger to guide the pizza (which is shot from a cannon) into Bob’s wide-open mouth.

Sounds easy, right? But delivery gets harder after Bob starts wanting toppings for his pizza, and then numerous obstacles start to appear, like bombs, balconies, (hungry) birds, dis-functional fire-hydrants and then his ultimate nemesis…

This is a simple but challenging game kind of like a cross between basketball, pinball and high-speed roller-coaster construction. It will test your reaction speeds, strategic thinking and curve-drawing abilities.

As well as going for high scores at different levels through the game, there are also lots of achievements to be collected along the way.

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