Feathers on War

Feathers on War – a game in which the player takes control over one of the factions at war – the Chickens or the Ducks. They fight, create clans and attack each other.

Despite the fact that your character can be engaged in many activities, fights are the major adventure. Character is developing in order to win fights and battles. Different types of armor and weapons will help your character to win the fight. You have to develop and equip your character’s home by buying different items that give special bonuses in fighting. Your character will also work in the mine. There it will be able to get itself a much needed crystals, which are one type of money involved in the game. Besides crystals, it can also earn silver.

Your character will not live and develop only to fight – it can work, go to the tavern and have fun. And there, in the taverns, not only alcohol and delicious meals are served, but it will also allow your character to plunge into the adult world and to try the “forbidden fruit.”

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