Fear Fly Plus

What happens when a nightmare is about to become reality?

It’s dark and you’re alone. You’re about to crawl into the fatal position and cry because guess what!!

You are flying in the Space with some crazy-looking objects and weird shaped enemies constantly trying to attack you.

Gear Up to defend!!!!

Embark on an expedition, where you come across valuable items such as lives and power-ups. Escape from the enemy attack and navigate yourself through the meticulously designed Outer Space.

Fear Fly sends you into a world overrun by strange-looking elements to your advantage. Given the fact that each time you play, the game randomly generates your enemies and power-ups, it’s a game that can certainly have unlimited game value.

Get ready for the slide of your life with Fear Fly!


• Unlimited gameplay

• Limited number of lives

• Lives, enemies and power-ups will be generated randomly

• OpenFeint and Game Center integrated for global scoring

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