FC Barcelona WorldTap Free

Prove your ability in the free version of FC Barcelona WorldTap

FC Barcelona WorldTap is an official Fútbol Club Barcelona App that consists in tapping a soccer ball the maximum number of times without letting the ball fall on the ground.

1. Show your skills with the soccer ball.
2. Compete with players around the World.
3. Purchase products available in the store to improve your score.

– Every 50 Taps, Barça celebration and access to a new level of difficulty.
– The Camp Nou fills up with fans as the game progresses.
– Day/Night and wind atmosphere. When it rains in Barcelona it – also rains in your game.
– Online Ranking with real time positions of players.
– Ranking with your Game Center friends
– Store where you can purchase products that will help you improve your score: lives, save level, boots that help gain control over the soccer ball, fan chants and new stadiums to play in.

The best soccer players in history have proven their ability at the Camp Nou. Now it’s your time to demonstrate your skills!

FC Barcelona WorldTap. More than a game:
The FC Barcelona WorldTap team is committed to perform solidarity actions according to the total number of Taps achieved by all users who participate in the monthly contest. The more you play, the more you help.
For more information: www.worldtap.net/foundation/

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