Faustus vs Pirates

Meet Faustus, the hero of this adventure, and relive his heroic life as he takes on the evil band of pirates. Sail aboard “The Night Fury” and behold the adventures it carries! Hit the evil pirates before they hit you, save the innocent hostages and beware of the deadly creatures.


• Increasing wave of pirates as you progress through the journey
• Tap on the enemies to slay them
• Watch out for each pirate as their unique special abilities can cause severe damage
• Rich visual graphics and situation based music
• Two diverse gameplay modes
• Game center Leaderboards.

Game Modes:

1) Classic (Total Lives=3)
• Hit Pirates and Spare Hostages – Get Coins
• Hit Hostages and Miss Pirates – Lose a Life
• Hit Creature – Game Over

2) Arcade
• Hit Pirates and Spare Hostages – Get Bonus Time
• Hit Hostages and Miss Pirates – Deduct Time

So prepare for an epic adventure and fulfill Faustus’ destiny!

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