Fat Dragon Wing Run HD

*** Lovable Dragons, Knights, and Ninjas Racing for glory. Simple and Fun! ***

What do the dragons do when they’re not burning down villages, hiding in dungeons or hoarding jewels and treasure ? They’re drag racing from castle to castle of course. These dragons might not be fearsome flying beasts but their big hearts make up for their tiny wings. Represent your clan – knight, roman warrior, or ninja.

– Race your dragon against opponents worldwide!
– Challenge friends on Facebook to who’s the best dragon jockey!

Endless fun and it’s FREE! FREE! FREE!
What more could you want?

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&#9733 Network play! Race other dragon jockeys worldwide!
&#9733 30 fun levels
&#9733 5 classic dragons and riders
&#9733 Beautiful graphics and scenery
&#9733 Master the wicked physics of dragon gliding
&#9733 Awesome soundtrack

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