Fat Cat Bandit

"Best game ever! Simple intuitive and fun. Great work ★★★★★"

"Fat Cat Bandit displays a good understanding of what mobile players want from their downloadable games"
- Inside Mobile Apps


The Fat Cat Bandit is out on a burglar spree! Help him navigate through alarms and traps to steal treasure from different buildings each with unique challenges. Use skill and stealth to clean house!


★ 3 unique buildings with 57 levels
Explore rooms to get past the alarms and grab the loot!

★ Action-stealth gameplay
Simple and intuitive tilt and move controls!

★ Tricky traps and alarms
Smash walls, use jump ramps and deactivate alarms to avoid detection!

★ Gordon – The Fat Cat Bandit
One exceptionally agile fat cat bandit with very sticky fingers!

Fat Cat Bandit is an action-stealth adventure with lots of replay value. Hide behind walls, avoid lasers, jump over trapdoors, watch out for guard dogs and turn off alarms to steal treasure. Easy to play, hard to master. If you like games with characters like in "Angry Birds", "Tiny Wings" or "Where's My Water?" then you'll love this game!

Remember, your 5-star ratings keep the updates coming — we've already got stealthy power-ups, sneaky alarms and tricky new levels in the making for our next update!

Don't get caught!

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