Faster Food

2012 Summer, here comes 2012 Olympic that hypnotize the world’s sports fans. And here is another brilliant Sports Game that would electrify the world’s Gamer.

★★★★What’s your favorite fast food?★★★★

Foods which satisfy your mouth are alive now. They are willing to play and win the sports for you.

Each food character is specialized for five different competitive games. Just control the foods and play five events. Clear the stages of five games and make the best records to challenge the world record.

★★★★★Uniqueness of Faster Food ★★★★★

★ Sports contents

5 different sports games and there will be more to come.

On service sports
-110m hurdles
-Long jump
-Javelin throw
-Double trap

You only need to download the game once then all the following sports will be included

★★ Mode

– Mission Mode : Once choose one food character you want in a locker room and clear five athletics in regular series. Fast Food may give you five competitive games which have different order according to the characters. When you have got a higher score than the required limit given by each stage, harder stage would wait for you to come.

– Champion Mode : If you have won the Mission Mode perfectly, you deserve Champion Mode. Actively participate in record competition through Game Center. Win a gold medal and beat the world record to hold the title of World Champion.

★★★ Rules

– Run: tap the run button to speed up your character.

– Jump: tap the jump button to leap over hurdles and to jump into sand fields at the long jump

– Shoot: tap the shoot button to release arrows at the archery game

Quite simple and easy? Not so fast!! Easy to play but not to be underestimated!!

Each game has hidden operation every here and there. This not only will give you another enjoyment, but will help you to do rapid climb to a Champion!!!

★★★★Unique 5 Fast Foods

Do you want to have more cute and comic characters? You’ll never get bored with the 5 different characters which have unique abilities and appearance.

★★★★★ Facebook Integration

Stay connected! Stay Famous!
Through Facebook, show off your high records and medals you have earned and check out your friend’s records. Play the game with Facebook ID then you will get your friends as rivals

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