Do you love your device’s camera? Now you will love it even further. This application will supply you with the missing features from the native camera application.

“Up to 1000 pictures per minute with adjusted settings”

Takes pictures like the pros.
With adjusted settings you can take up to 300 (VGA) photos per minute! Just image the power of this application.
✓ Quality Images.
✓ Perfect of group pictures.
✓ Focus adjustment .
✓ Up to 1000 pictures per minute with adjusted settings.
✓ No limit of pictures you can take. (assuming you have enough disc space).
✓ Rear cam resolution (VGA/Photo).
✓ Default Camera (Rear/front).
✓ Delay between pics (None, 1/10 sec, 1/2 sec, 1 sec, 5 secs).
✓ Auto-on (On/Off) – Start taking pics when app is loaded.
✓ Camera Timer.
✓ Portrait/Landscape orientation.
✓ Universal Application (for all your devices that have camera)
✓ See screenshots for further details and ideas..


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