Fast Finger Maze


*******NOW 2400+ GAME CENTER PLAYERS*******

Test Your skills in this labyrinth-like game! Fast, fun and easy to play game for the entire Family!

Supports Game Center to compare Your results with friends and other players around the globe. Can You reach the top of the Leaderboard and manage all Achievements?

Five different game modes to play with five levels each:

1. YES ONE – Erase all YES from the blackboard without touching any NO´s. How fast are you?
2. MAZE ONE – Get through the Maze in the fastest time possible! Can You keep Your patience?
3. NO ONE – Use the white ball to remove all other balls in the right order; 1-15. Can You keep Your mind focused?
4. CARD ONE – Sort all cards from 2-Ace on the Joker. Do You have the split-vision needed?
5. SCORE ONE – Get the puck, football and basketball in the right net. How fast can You score?

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