FAST 2012

The first Savage Rally “Pharaoh Cup” has begun. There are no rules in the competition. Players can use violence or other special means in order to win. The champion will win great honor.

In order to look for excitement and win the trophy, thousands of great players from all over the world will participate in the competition.

The first stop is in the vast desert in Western America. Players drove their own cars racing down the roads. They sometimes throw items, making the confliction even greater. To make the competition more exciting, the sponsor even scatters gold in the road. That gold can help the players play more times of games.

With deafening motor sounds, conflicting sounds of cars and the everywhere yellow sand. The whole race is a big chaos.

However, do you dare to compete with those players in the chaos?

Game play:
1 swaying the screen and controlling the car direction via gravity
2 clicking the arrows on the screen to control the car direction

1 add network support, allow you to compete with other players
2 different kinds of cars bring you exciting game experience
3 creative items make the competitions fiercer
4 the collisions between cars bring lots of surprises

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