Fashion Master Friends

♥In 100 days, change your life and be top 1% girl!♥
If only I had enough shopping money, I’d surely be a fashionista.
With Fashion Master Friends, I can make my dreams come true.
It’s time to dress up and strut on the catwalk with my friends!

“On one sudden day, I was given 100 days to start my life anew.
I can shop whatever I want in famous cities, such as Tokyo, Paris, and Seoul…
And I can decorate my dressing room with costumes, hairs, shoes and accessories that I gained.
Sometimes I will challenge level of my beauty with other women.
Or I will participate in the Superstar Contest, where the most beautiful lady gets to be selected.
I will wear a beautiful dress and meet cool friends in fancy parties.
Or I will flirt with attractive guys at a luxury club.
Now I invite you to a fashionable story of amazing 100 days…”

◆ Tips – The more, the merrier!
To get more friends, you should…
1. Share your character name in many places!
2. Add your friends’ character names!

※ Player’s data, purchase data, and items that you have saved will be deleted when,
– you reset your phone,
– transfer your data to another phone,
So, please be careful.

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