Fashion Mall : The Black Friday Experience – Free Edition

It’s that time of year again ! Everything but everything is on sale, you can’t miss that. Each year you get to the black friday sales late and there is nothing cool left for sales, but this year you want to be the first in line. You have trained for a month, so you run fast and can jump over almost anything.

So run as fast as you can, try to be the first in line at every store, you’ll buy the coolest clothes of each stores. Don’t let yourself be pushed by other girls, you know if they hurt you, you won’t be able to shop. You don’t have time to change back so run in the fashion mall with your new clothes on, and show the world how pretty you are.

Jump over mall bench, fountains and trash can to save time, unlock tons of new outfit, to unlock the new costumes you’ll have to pick up shopping bag laying on the floor lost in the confusion on the black friday.

Simply tap on the screen to jump over obstacles and pick up as much shopping bags as you can, and become the shopping queen.

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