This is no ordinary card matching game! You are about to enter a world full of the most unforgettable characters with only one thing in common…they fart on command! Every time you turn a card over, you will hear that character's fart that hilariously matches their personality! Whether their farts are sweetly squeaky or roar like thunder, you'll be cracking up when they let 'em rip!

See if you have what it takes to be a fartypants and match these fabulously flatulent characters up by memory! Flip over two cards and try to get a match until you beat the board. If you're feeling brave, you can also play the lightning fart round and try to beat the clock. You're sure to have a blast!

The levels:

- lil' puff – 8 cards
- silent but deadly – 16 cards
- welcome to the windy city – 24 cards
- run for your life! – 36 cards

- lightning fart round – 24 cards

Meet the FartyPants characters:

the ogre
the pirate
the granny
the robot
the knight
the dragon
the monk
the cheerleader
the zombie
the lunch lady
the wizard
the sumo
the fairy
the hippie
the mermaid
the dark sider
the toddler
the swamp thing
the hot chick
the vampire
the ninja
the shark
the sick guy
the shy girl
the muscle man
the alien
the donald
the cat
the marilyn
the king
the teen idol
the rico suave
the twins
the unicorn
the Irish jigger
the secret service
the cocky guy
the queen
the baby
the army guy
the clown

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