Farm Jump!

EXCITING NEWS!: After 2 years on the App Store, the best jumping fun game has now gone 100% FREE! No more in-app purchases. All outfits and outfit packs are included!

The Story:
Farmer Will’s sheep are floating! Make your way into the sky by jumping on them to bring them back down.

Play by leaning the device left and right as Farmer Will bounces from sheep to sheep. Look out for roosters. Roosters will help him get higher with a boost. Cows are also Farmer Wills friends, so grab them when you can.

Try not to fall or it’s back to the barn with no hay for you! Reach new heights, Farmer Will!

Awesome music
Cartoon fun 2d and 3d graphics
Game Center Integration (leaderboard)
Floating and moving sheep
Dress up Farmer Will with awesome outfits
Buy new outfits to customize Farmer Will
A mysterious golden duck

Tilt device. Move. Bounce.

* 100% Smile guarantee!

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