Farm Break

“The magic of Farm Break is in its clever mix of levels that require some seriously ingenious methods to solve.” –

Now updated with Chapter 2 – Alien Abduction, and 15 additional levels bring the game to 40 riveting levels of sheep puzzling fun!

Assist the three ex-con sheep Knuckles, Big Jim, and Sally escape from Farmer Brown’s farm to freedom! Navigate your way through 25 obstacle-ridden levels in this hilarious and witty puzzler. Jump over walls, dodge lasers, bounce on tires, and avoid “The Brush” as you weave your way out of the farm!

But wait.. there’s more! If you think Farmer Brown was the last of the sheeps’ worries, *bzzzzzt* wrong! Escape from The Farm to find out what awaits Sally, Knuckles, and Big Jim in Chapter 2 – Alien Abduction! Sheep on an alien planet! Now that’s what we’re talking about!

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The Story…

Once upon a time, on a far away farm, Mr. Brown unwittingly adopted a gang of ex-con sheep. For a while, like the other sheep, they grazed about happily and innocently. But it wasn’t long before they were back to their old ways and plotted to steal the farmer’s money and escape…

However, something went horribly wrong with their plan and they were caught red hoofed and locked up in a cage! Although they easily broke out of the cage using Big Jim’s lock picking skills, they were faced with a farm full of mechanical madness that had to be conquered before they could be free.


– Hilarious toon physics and sheep playgrounds
– Forty un-lockable puzzles packed with fun and weirdness
– Painted cartoon environments for deep engrossing game play
– Ultra-cool items like basket balls and tennis balls for sporting fun
– Ultra responsive controls for action packed play
– Outwit Farmer Brown’s LASERS, MACHINES, and PLATFORMS on your daring escape
– FUNNY sheep sounds and animations
– PHYSICS PUZZLES to give your gray cells a whirl
– Openfeint integration with leaderboards and best times for each level!
– Openfeint achievements to make you want to push your puzzle solving limits!
– And much more…!

So whatchoo waiting for? Break out of The Farm today!

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