Fare City: First Shift

Fare City is an awesomely addictive game of chaos management. Do you have what it takes to keep your fleet of taxis running smoothly? Are you quick enough to earn those big bonuses? Can you stand the pace when one uninsured accident can ruin your day?

Welcome to Fare City: where the city never sleeps and the taxis rule the streets!


– Smooth and intuitive touch and drag controls

– Rich gameplay: two-ways streets; proper u-turns; wrap-around routes; emergency brakes; sophisticated bonus system; accident insurance

– 6 beautiful maps, each offering its own challenges:
* Downtown – the original urban grid
* Metrotown – the suburban district, complete with train
* The Maze – twisting roads and lanes to get lost in
* Harborside – escape to the country on the ferry
* Springfield – small town, nuclear power plant – for now it’s just smoking…
* Townsend – a river, a ferry, and a bus – what more do you need?

– 4 great game modes allow for different styles of play and difficulty:
* Rookie – for those who like to kick back and relax
* Classic – the original Fare City in all its glory
* Time Trial – a race against the clock to collect those fares before time runs out
* Crazy Cabs – an awesome new game that is simple to play but lives up to its name!

– 3 game speeds

– Game Center enabled:
* Online leaderboards
* Unlockable achievements

– Great jazzy style and soundtrack


Appversity.com ★★★★★ EDITORS CHOICE
“The game looks beautiful and runs just as smooth”

AppVee.com ★★★★★
“If you enjoy line drawing games, this is by far my most favorite … Check it out”

TUAW’s Daily App
“excellent little line drawing game”

TouchReviews.net ★★★★★
“A terrific, fast and entertaining game”

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