Fantasy Points Plus

After successful 2011 & 2012 seasons, Fantasy NASCAR Points Plus v2.0 has returned for 2013 with tools to help you choose your fantasy NASCAR drivers.

If you need help deciding which drivers are hot and which ones you should leave off your roster this week, Fantasy Points Plus can help you. The current version (1.2) has three ways to look at driver performance based on finish position. Practice & qualifying times can be helpful but it’s where each driver finishes that actually counts – that is what you get here. Finish positions from 2012 & 2011 are included as well as the past 10 years of each individual track. In one view, you can select any of those data sources and choose up to 5 drivers at a time to see on a graph where each of them finished in each race. In the same “Graph Tab” view, instead of seeing actual finish positions, you can view their cumulative average after each race. More importantly, you can choose the number of recent races to average instead of seeing the whole year. Think about it, if we were half way through the year, the current points standings already gives you each driver’s average for the whole year so far…with this app you can select any number of recent races to see a driver’s recent average just in case they got off to a different start early in the year or had a good or bad streak that has now ended. For example, Kasey Kahne had an average finish position of about 15th over the entire 2011 season. During the Chase, he averaged about 7th. It would be more important to see how a driver is doing lately than over the whole season. You can choose the number of recent weeks to average.

There is also a way to sort all drivers average finish position in a list view. It displays from best to worst with the number of recent weeks that you choose. I will typically tweet screenshots of this tab from week to week for an individual track because it seems to be the most valuable.

Included in this version is the free app Fantasy Points Calculator (also available by Monty’s Code in the App Store). It can be used if watching the race later in the day on your DVR. This feature works best with the stock car challenge fantasy racing league. Other leagues may use different point calculations so please let me know if you’d like to see others included here. The version here lets you can select 5 drivers by their car number and add their points throughout the race so you don’t have to check the computer where the results might spoil the outcome since you are viewing so many laps behind. It uses the current cup points system.

Many updates are planned for this app to give you as many tools as possible for handicapping drivers for each race. Download and keep checking for updates during the early part of the season.

Please communicate with me through the web site, Twitter (@FantasyPtsPlus), or on Facebook I can usually respond to every message received.

Please do not leave negative feedback here until I have been given a chance to solve your issue. Negative feedback here does not give me the ability to contact you and find a solution. The website & Twitter are the best places for support, to make suggestions, to discuss current features of the app, and find out what features are coming next.

Please DO leave positive feedback here if you are pleased with what you see so far.

Definitely check the videos section of the web site to see a brief demo of this app in action if you have concerns before you buy.

Fantasy Points Calculator is also available for free in the Apple App Store but is limited to the calculator feature only.

NOTE-Fantasy NASCAR Points Plus is not a fantasy racing league game but rather a valuable tool to use when choosing each week’s fantasy NASCAR drivers.

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