Fantasy Islands

Welcome to the “Fantasy Islands” – the magical kingdom of Orcs, Dwarves and Elves!

The great snow storm has passed over Fantasy Islands and covered all the rooftops, trees, and even orcs’ bald heads!

But the storm hasn’t frightened our hardy citizens and the life in Fantasy Islands continues to hustle and bustle (or at least they all continue to walk around on those roads, as if they got somewhere to go). But I kid! Everyone is preparing for the New Year celebration and you, Peacekeeper, must help your people make this celebration the most fantastical event ever!

The Great War between these proud races has literally torn the entire world into perfectly square chunks, and now, in order to survive, these former enemies have to work together to try and put the Earth back as it once was.

Game Features:
– Stunning graphics!
– Captivating, memorable original soundtrack!
– Rich storyline with literally hundreds of quests!
– Funny, charismatic characters!
– Ability to play with all three races at ones!
– Full freedom in creating of your own, happy fantasy world!
– Strategy, RPG and Casual City Builder gameplay elements!

Play the game, rebuild the world and escape to… the Fantasy Islands!

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