Fanta 4 Pinball

“Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve played the silver ball, from Soho down to Brighton I must have played them all” sang the British rock band “The Who” in their 1969 hit “Pinball Wizard”.

With “Fanta 4 Pinball” Bad Monkee is presenting a new generation of handheld pinball simulations. Play with the look and feel of good old arcade machines: Sound, look and tough missions – Action like on a real pinball table, completely in 3D.

Every real pinball table needs a soundtrack: Music meet gaming!
One of the most successful German bands “Die Fantastischen Vier”, themselves self-professed pinball fans, have provided original sound samples and graphics for the first music band pinball on the iPhone and the ipod Touch, to make it a cutting-edge pinball simulation for the current age.

Realistic ball physics, 3d camera movements, real pinball sounds effects and the brilliant sound of “Die Fantastischen Vier” make this pinball simulation to be one of the best of its genre.

With the “Fanta 4 Pinball” Bad Monkee is officially starting the “Pinball-Hero” series with more upcoming tables by other famous artists.

– Extraball
– Multiball
– 4 Missions
– Music by “Die Fantastischen Vier”
– Tilt function
– Open Feint Online Highscore
– Fanta 4 News
– Links to band information and music

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